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On the Top of the World

26 May

Today marks the day I start to make headway on my list of things to do now I am mentally well. And so, to capitalise on the beautiful weather, I have taken myself off to Edale, where I intend to write this in as close to real time as I can.
Edale is the southernmost end of the Pennine Way, opened in 1965 as a designated route, and it is also the home of Kinder Scout, the hill made famous by the right to roam protests in 1932, leading to the foundation of the Ramblers Association, and the opening up of previously private prohibited land to the hoi polloi, particularly those wanting to escape the industrial smog of Manchester and Sheffield. While successive governments have put paid to the prosperous industries which put these cities on the map, thankfully no legislation or initiative has yet been tabled to decimate the beautiful countryside in between.
To say I am so fond of the area, it is perhaps ironic to point out that I have only ever been once, and that was a bit of a flying visit. My fascination and desire to explore the area on foot has come about through endless train journeys between Sheffield and Manchester, either for work, or to get on a plane. I am always amazed that, ten minutes outside of either city, you are suddenly in the middle of dramatic open countryside. However, due to a lack of inclination to actually carry out any enjoyable task, owing to long standing and well documented depression and associated mental health, I have always merely passed through, resolving to one day venture out, but never succeeding.
So today I am putting that right. For the small cost for a mission of such significance, of £7.60 train fare, and a twenty minute ride, I will finally be doing what I have so long wanted to do – to walk to the top of the hill, just for the hell of it, and sing or shout at the top of my voice if I so wish, simply because I can.

****To be updated shortly****